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Title: Rules
Post by: Aaron on December 02, 2008, 12:27:49 am
Forum/Server Rules

If you think someone is not following these rules then copy and paste this in the topic when you reply to it and then hit the "Report to Moderator" button at the bottom of the post, once an moderator or administrator is on they will look at the topic if they see why you posted it then they will remove or lock it.

If advertising your forums you will be warned, advertising servers are allowed only in the right places.

~Racial or sexual topics~
This is very serious and should NOT happen!
If you are cough being sexual or racial to a player of an opposite religion, race, or sex then you will be ip banned. If you think you have the rights to do this then you might want to think again.

This action will cause you to get muted for 48 hours (2 days), if you are cough doing it again then it will be 96 hours (4 days) that you are muted for. If you have been muted for over 6 days then your account will be temp banned, which is only a 2-6 day ban, if you receive 5 warnings on the forums then your account is banned for 1 day, 10 warnings your account is banned for 10 days if this keeps happening then your account is perm disabled.

Yes we do have a rule about cussing.. I understand that most moderators and administrators cuss... but that will be changed, i have already added a censor on the client and server.. and i am now adding one on the forums, It is unfair for higher ranked staff to expect to get away with cussing and will not be tolerated, i do not care if you think this is unreasonable because it is reasonable.. the world is upstaged with cuss words and it is annoying listening to kids walking down the street or in a store with their parents cussing.. some of the words that are said can be very offensive to people.


~~ D,C- Staff ~~